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Inflatables Hire Section - Choose from a selection of Inflatables to Spice up your Next Event.

We have a wide Range of fun Inflatables for Hire Designed for all Parties and Events, We bring the Entertainment to you. Our Inflatable Rentals range from Parachute Rockets and Giant Slides to Jumping Castles for hire. We have the best Inflatables which are suitable for Kids and Adults. Areas which we Cover are in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Pretoria and Surrounding Areas.

Jumping Castle HireJumping Castle Hire

Inflatable Hire / Wide Range of Fun
Inflatables for hire Johannesburg  -  Large
Selection of Inflatables for Hiring. Entertaining
Inflatables for Events, Kids, Adults, School
Events, Church Events -
All Inflatables are top Quality Standards.

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Gladiator Inflatables cropInflatable Gladiator Ring Hire

Inflatable Hire / Gladiator Inflatable Hire
Johannesburg. Experience the life of a
Gladiator for a day. 
Our Gladiator Inflatable
Hire is built for 2x People with safety and Fun
in mind. Fun for all Events and Team Building Events

Let the Fun Begin Book your Gladiator Inflatable Today.

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Inflatable Boxing Ring HireInflatable Boxing Ring Hire

Inflatable Hire / Inflatable Boxing Ring Hire
Johannesburg. Experience the life of a Boxer
for a day. 
Our Boxing Inflatable Ring Hire is
Designed for Kids and Adults and includes
2x Boxing Gloves and Inflatable Ring Hire
and is Built with safety and Fun in mind.
Fun for all Events and Team Building Event Hires.

Let the Fun Begin Book your Boxing Ring Inflatable Today.

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Inflatable Obsticle CourseInflatable Obstacle Course Hire

Inflatable Hire / Inflatable Obstacle Course Hire Johannesburg.
Fun and Exciting Obstacle Course Hiring. 
Our Inflatable Obstacle
Course Rental is Designed for Kids and Adults. Obstacle Wipe out
Hire is Built with safety and Fun in mind. Fun for all Events
and Team Building Event Hires.

Measurement Size -
12m Length x 3m Width x 5m Height

Let the Fun Begin Book your Inflatable Obstacle Course Hire Today.

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Inflatable Dart Board cropInflatable Dart Board Hire

Inflatable Hire / Inflatable Dart Board Hire
Johannesburg. Fun and Exciting Inflatable Dart
Board Hiring. 
Our Inflatable Dart Board. Inflatable
Dart Board Hire is Built with Fun in mind.
Fun for all Events and Team Building Event Hires.

Let the Fun Begin Book your Inflatable Dart Board Hire Today.

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Zorb Ball Inflatables cropZorb Balls Hire

Bumper Balls Hire / Zorb Balls Hire
Johannesburg. Have Fun and Compete
against each other with your very own
Zorb Balls Hire. Great fun and Entertainment.  
Our Inflatable Zorb Balls Hire is Designed for
Adults - Built with Fun in mind. Great for all
Events and Team Building Event Hires.

Let the Fun Begin Enquire about our Zorb Balls Hire Today.

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sumosuits cropSumo Suits Hire

Hire a Sumo Suite. Experience the life of a sumo
wrestler for a day. 
Our Sumo Suits are built with
safety and comfort in mind. They're easy to get in
and out of which means more wrestling rounds
for all involved.

It's not all about strength with sumo suits either.
Their design helps those that haven't been
training for the moment their whole lives making
each bout fairer for all participants.

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Mechanical BullMechanical Bull Hire

Rodeo Bull - Mechanical Bull Hiring
Johannesburg / Fun and Entertainment for
Adults and Kids. Inflatable Mechanical
Bull Hire. Your Mechanical Bull is Great for
upcoming Events, Business Functions,
Team Building Events, Carnivals, Shows.
Your Mechanical Rodeo Bull Hire will include 1x
Operator on the day of Hiring.

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Wrecking Ball InflatableInflatable Wrecking Ball Hire

Inflatable Hire / Wrecking Ball Inflatable Hire
Johannesburg - Have Fun by trying to Hit the Next
person off the Podium with your Wrecking Ball
for Hire while trying to keep your balance at the
same time. 4x People can Compete against each
other. Be the last Person Standing and Win
5m x 5m Inflatable Wrecking Ball Hire.
Great Fun and Entertainment. Great for Team
Building Events, Business Functions,
Fun Days and Kids Events.

Let the Fun Begin Book your Wrecking Ball Inflatable Today.

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Inflatable Goal Shooting1 cropInflatable Soccer Dart Board Hire

Inflatable Hire / Soccer Dart Board Hire
Johannesburg. Show off your Soccer Skills
by kicking the ball into the Circles and Scoring
for Points. 
Your Soccer Dart Board Hire is for
Kids and Adults. Fun for all Events and Team
Building Event Hires.

Let the Fun Begin Rent your Inflatable Soccer Dart Board Today!

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Inflatable Soccer Fiels Hire cropInflatable Soccer Field Hire

Inflatable Hire / Inflatable Soccer Field Hire
Johannesburg. Great Fun and Entertainment for
Team Building Events and Function Hires.
Inflatable Soccer Field Size is 12 Meter Length x 4 Meter Wide. 

Let the Fun Begin Book your Inflatable Soccer Field Today.

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Inflatable Rocket PHH1

Inflatable Parachute Rocket hire

Our 8 Seater Parachute Rocket is a very Popular
Inflatable and is Great Fun, Its Guaranteed to be
a Hit at your Next Event - Great for all Large
Fun Days, School Functions, Church Events.

How It Works: 
It Comes with a inner capsule complete with inflatable and
a tailor made harness.
The participants are then strapped
into the
parachute harness.

Inflatable Rocket setup then comes to life when the inner
chamber is filled with air. The increased pressure builds up
inside the Parachute Rocket then begins to lift the parachute
inside the main structure of the rocket, which then lifts the
Children up inside until they reach the Top of Rocket.

wait for the countdown, air doors then zipped open and the
air pressure is released, rider to drop inside the rocket tower.

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Inflatable Climbing wall for Hire

Inflatable Climbing wall for Hire. It might not be
high as a mountain, but it’s the most
of our inflatables and measuring at
8 metres
tall, you’ll have one mighty climb ahead.  
No need for safety harnesses as our Fun Experts
are on hand to supervise this massive activity and
those who choose to conquer it.

Our Inflatable Climbing Wall is designed for
Events, Fun Days, School Events Churches and
Team Building Events Up to 4 people can climb the wall at a time.

Due it’s size we always ensure that the Inflatable
Climbing Wall is set up on a grass surface to
ensure a secure anchoring in the ground and the
two Fun Operators provided constantly ensure
the safety of everyone involved – sometimes
coming down the wall can be just as hair-raising as climbing it!

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big baller Hire

Inflatable Wipeout Hire

Inflatable Hire / Inflatable Wipeout Hire
Johannesburg. Our Inflatable Big Baller Wipeout
is the closest you can come to the Tv Show
WIPEOUT… Its time to test that theory and your
skills, this sports game takes no prisoners.
The Big Baller Wipeout is the perfect addition for
Fun Days, School Events, Church Evetns, 
Team Buildings, Fairs, corporate Events.

How it Works:

The Big Baller Wipeout is a fun filled game where each player climbs up to the inflatable platform to take on the challenge of leaping across the 4 big red balls. The objective of the game is to see if you can make it across all four Balls without losing balance and wiping out. This is a great and entertaining game of speed and agility to make it across before falling off.

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Inflatable Giant Slide HireGiant Slide Hire

Giant Slide Hire Johannesburg. Standing at an
Impressive 7 Meter Height and over 25 Meters
length this is the largest Giant Inflatable Water
Slide for Hire and without a doubt one of the
Coolest Attractions for all Fun Days, School
Events, Church Events, Large Joburg Events.

Our Inflatable Giant Slide has one Lane
of Safe Climbing Steps and once you have
reached the Top and admired the view Simply
Lay Back and away you go.
 Our Giant Water
Slide is Suitable for all ages from Kids all the
way up to Adults. Can be used with or Without Water.

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Inflatable Arena Hire

Inflatable Arena Hire

Inflatable Arena Hire Johannesburg.
Play all your Favorite Sport Games in our Large
Inflatable Sports Arena Hire which is Great for
Large Events,
Fun Days, Team Buildings.
Size is a Large
18 Meters Length x 14 Meters
Width x 2 Half
Meters Wall Height with side
Netting. Used as a
Inflatable Soccer Field,
Inflatable Basketball
Arena, Inflatable Volleyball
Arena, Laser Tag
Arena, Paintball Arena,
Softball Arena, Action
Cricket Arena, Inflatable
Practice Arena,
Inflatable Kids play Area Arena for Hire.

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Air Dancers cropInflatable Sky Dancers Hire

Inflatable Sky Dancer Hire Johannesburg -
Your Inflatable Air Dancer Hire is Great for getting
that attention you need for your next upcoming
Event - Hire your Wind Dancer for Events, Grand
Openings, Sale, School Events, Fun Days,
Sports Days, Festivals and Car Dealerships Events - Includes Blower.

Hire your Sky Dancer Today.

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ArchesStartFinishInflatable Arch Hire

Inflatable Arch Hire Johannesburg - Inflatable
Sports Arch Hire,
Inflatable Advertising Arch Hire.
Perfect for upcoming Events,
Sports Events -
2x Inflatables for Start and finish Line or Event

Advertising Purposes. High Quality Arch which
includes Blower.
Branding Welcome

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